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LIDD’s consulting team has completed mandates related to distribution strategy, distribution center design and materials handling systems performance for manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers. LIDD’s industry experience includes food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, apparel, durable consumer goods, construction materials and e-commerce applications. Three pillars support our approach to all client mandates: 

KNOW. Every logistics problem should be fully characterized and understood before developing solutions. LIDD uses raw data from our client operations to give our clients unparalleled insights into the strengths and weaknesses of their operations. Our recommendations do not rely on rules-of-thumb, fashion or gut-feels: they are based on the actual needs of the operations themselves 

COLLABORATE. LIDD will never know our clients’ businesses as well as they do. As such, to craft the optimal solution for a particular client, LIDD must collaborate closely with the client. The team approach ensures the final recommendations have been firmly rooted in the specific needs of the client as well as having drawn from LIDD’s deep knowledge of logistics and supply chain. 

EXECUTE. A solution is only a solution if it can be implemented. Every recommendation LIDD makes comes with the plan needed to take a client from its current state to the end state. This keeps LIDD practical and avoids the trap of innovating for innovation’s sake alone.


Distribution Network Optimization, Distribution Center Design and Re-Engineering, Materials Handling Systems Evaluation, Implementation

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