Shifting Behaviors Revealed in Inmar’s 2023 Pre-holiday E-commerce Survey

According to the Inmar 2023 Pre-holiday E-commerce Survey, the upcoming holiday season will be a shining star for digital commerce – considering nearly 80% of respondents expect their online purchases to be equal to, or greater than, last year’s spend.

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Our Pre-holiday Shopper Survey indicates the 2023 holiday will be a shining star for e-commerce and online retailers.    

Before celebrating the upcoming holiday season, it’s important to look back at the dynamics of what’s been driving shoppers’ changing e-commerce journeys. One thing that hasn’t changed is the growth in digital commerce. Dating back to Q1 of 2020, when the pandemic had us all in “lock-down,” U.S. e-commerce sales jumped 33 percent in a single quarter.1 And that growth continued, albeit to lesser degrees, throughout the ensuing quarters.

The exception occurred in Q3 of 2021, when e-commerce sales dipped slightly more than 1 percent compared to the previous quarter. Many thought this might be a sign of things to come — as more shoppers were thrilled to be out of their homes and shopping at physical stores. But that quarter proved to be an anomaly, and e-commerce growth rebounded.

E-commerce sales for the second quarter of 2023 are up 7.5 percent compared to the same period in 2022.

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