Is your supply chain prepared for what lies ahead?

Four key actions to help you prepare.

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How has your supply chain fared over the last few years?

If your response is, “it’s been challenging,” you’re in good company. The disruption over the last few years has turned “supply chain” into a household word.

As we roll through the third year of the pandemic, a few more challenges have been added into the mix. It’s clear that disruption is the new normal, especially in our global, interdependent supply chains.

According to IDC, 60% of industrial organizations have ongoing apprehension about supply chains, inflation, and labor shortages.

Companies need to have a long-term strategy and plan to weather whatever disruption comes next.

In this paper, we share takeaways and propose four key actions based on the four trends in the IDC eBook, sponsored by SAP, Secure the Future: Leveraging Today’s Insights for Tomorrow’s Supply Chain, June 2022.

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