Visibility Impact Assessment Tool for Computing Losses

The Visibility Impact Assessment tool provides access to compute losses arising from inefficient visibility.

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SiteTrax introduces transformative method for answering the time-worn industry-wide question, “Where’s my sh*t?” SiteTrax's newest innovation, the Visibility Impact Assessment tool, transcends the basic function of asset location. It provides access to compute losses arising from inefficient visibility, eliminating the associated anxiety with asset management.

According to Chris Machut, CEO of SiteTrax, "We are excited to unveil our latest breakthrough at Manifest. In a world where insufficient visibility poses a challenge, many struggle to measure the opportunity cost of not knowing the whereabouts of their assets. At SiteTrax, we recognize this challenge and it’s led us to create a tool that helps businesses to identify and quantify the hidden costs associated with a lack of asset visibility. Our Visibility Assessment swiftly calculates lost revenue and opportunity costs embedded in everyday operations.” 

Key Takeaways:

  •  For decision-makers, this substantially alleviates the stress of addressing seemingly insurmountable issues, leading to cost reduction and smoother conflict resolution. For the employee, this will minimize the wasted hours spent searching for non-existent assets, benefiting dispatch and yard supervisors while also reducing trucker turn time and instances of misplaced assets.