Voxware Introduces Cloud-Based Predictive Modeling Analytics Platform

Intellestra gives managers and supervisors real-time view of data across entire supply chain

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Chicago—March 23, 2015—Voxware, a provider of cloud-based voice solutions, announced the introduction of Intellestra, a cloud-based predictive modeling and supply chain analytics platform at ProMat 2015.

To help customers become more efficient and productive, Voxware three years ago launched  VoxPilot, a voice picking dashboard focused on providing business analytics and real-time actionable data for warehouse supervisors and managers. Voxware customers that use VoxPilot consistently increase productivity by 8-12 percent through proactive management of activity in the warehouse in real-time.

For Voxware, the next logical step was to go beyond the picking operation to offer analytics for the whole supply chain and Intellestra expands greatly on what has been offered in the past. The groundbreaking platform allows warehouse managers and supervisors to access a real-time aggregation view of all the data across the entire supply chain from sales forecasting systems to transportation management systems, shipping manifests and proof of delivery. Supply chain leaders at every level of the retail operation from shift supervisor to DC manager and up to the VP of Supply Chain Operations will be able to manage every aspect of picking, shipping, and distribution of products in real-time.

“Today, retailers are all about business intelligence and visibility into the supply chain,” said Keith Phillips, CEO of Voxware. “We already provide data on all of the fulfillment operations within the warehouse.  Intellestra now ties the entire supply chain together to drive the same kind of efficiencies and productivity gains that we’ve been able to accomplish for the past fifteen

years through our Voice Management Suite and VoxPilot,” he added.  “We’ve conducted initial tests with some of our customers and feedback indicates that Intellestra will make a tremendous impact on the supply chain.”

According to a  recent survey, most returns are due to retailer error and even a single late or incorrect order can have a lasting negative impact on customer lifetime value. Therefore, ensuring that trucks leave on time and with complete manifests isn’t just about meeting accuracy goals and productivity targets -- it’s about delivering an exceptional customer experience. In order to make smart decisions that power a customer-centric supply chain, warehouses need access to tools that paint a complete picture. With Intellestra, companies of all sizes will be able to remain competitive with deep insights into every aspect of the supply chain.

Intellestra version 1.0 will be available in Q2 of 2015.

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