Cloud-Based Software to Predict Product Demand

Smart and intuitive predictive analytics software makes demand forecasting accessible to small and medium-sized companies

ChicagoJan. 16, 2015Causometrix released its Cloud-Based Demand Planning and Forecasting software, helping distributors and manufacturers accurately predict demand for their products, while reducing overall inventory costs and increasing profitability.

Mathematical and statistical modeling is an effective way to forecast demand, but most of the software applications on the market today are complicated, overpriced and fail to produce the marketed savings. Having spent several years implementing supply chain solutions, according to Jamsheed Iqbal, the president of Causometrix, "Our competitors offer tons of parameters and statistical models that make them difficult to understand, learn and use. Their products are often purchased then shelved without ever being implemented."

Causometrix believes that predictive analytics can be profitable when utilizing its demand planning and inventory optimization software. The overall objective was to create a quality end-user experience while delivering the most accurate possible forecasts. Simplicity became an integral part of Causometrix's strategy when developing the user experience envisioned. The user interface solves multiple challenges in the planning process in intuitive ways, while the demand forecasting engine crunches through thousands of stock-keeping units (SKUs) in minutes to generate accurate forecasts using advanced statistical techniques.

Causometrix also provides make and buy signals at the right times to take action and replenish stock. The product is offered as a complete cloud-based software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution. That means no software licensing costs, no investment in hardware, no information technology (IT) maintenance costs, no annual software support fees, and no software and hardware upgrade costs.

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