Barcoding Inc. Releases New Research Study for Future Proofing the Supply Chain with Modern Mobile Data Capture

Barcoding, Inc. announced the availability of its new research study for migrating and modernizing on the leading mobility platform Android.

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Barcoding, Inc. announced the availability of its new research study for migrating and modernizing on the leading mobility platform Android.

The Windows Embedded Handheld/Windows CE platform ended support at the beginning of 2020, leaving many organizations left with a lot of risk and outdated technology. The new research study from Barcoding provides key insights on how to plan for, migrate, modernize, and continuously improve a new technology platform. Taking a deep dive into topics such as enterprise application migration, security and networking, and training and user adoption, readers will find pertinent information on how to migrate from Windows Mobile to Android as well as how to prepare for future disruption.

Overall, the report speaks directly to supply chain IT and operations leaders to show them how their peers implement new technology in the supply chain; specifically, how they are handling the deployment and support of mobile technology now that Windows Mobile has gone end of life. As part of the study and to help companies prepare adequately, there are thought-provoking questions to ask taken directly from research participants.

The research methods centered around discovering pain points in migrating to Android and how companies can create the most strategic value in leveraging new mobile technology. The study also includes insights and advice from key leaders at Barcoding, Inc., Zebra Technologies, SOTI, and Ivanti Wavelink.

Key takeaways include:

  • A company’s digital transformation goals are rooted in the ability to access and view data and to help users be more productive. These are two of the strongest reasons to migrate to Android.
  • People matter. User adoption is everything when it comes to mobility. The report demonstrates how to put users first.
  • A growth mindset is essential. The goal is how to learn how to leverage mobility in new and surprising ways and how to continuously improve over time.

Barcoding’s goal has always been to support our customers with thoroughly researched, practical guidance that will have a measurable impact on their business,” said Jody Costa, VP of Marketing. “We launched this research study to help our customers and others in the supply chain industry navigate disruption in their world. By using the example of the Windows Mobile to Android migration, we have given organizations a way to think about future changes.”