SnapFulfil Releases Advanced Billing Software for 3PL Sector

This software provides a more granular and automated approach to billing.

Snap Fulfil 3 Pl Billing Software
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SnapFulfil released new billing software for the 3PL sector, designed to improve data quality, resources allocation and process flow.

Value-added services can be recorded on RF (either adhoc or against shipments and receipts) and charged onto the customer. Improved flexibility also means more focus on storage and tenure charges, with 3PLs now able to bill for occupancy of an entire section, bay or zone, as well as by SKU per location and by product volume for storage in STU and non-STU-controlled slots.

Other functionality enhancements include pick surcharges and the ability to bill for oversized products using the STT type; passing on shipping carrier and consumables charges; specific shipment cost and invoice breakdown; generating recurring support charges, as well as invoices for a priority shipment or receipt where additional labor has been used to rush through the processing.

“Customers will also benefit from tiered rates of charging for the likes of split and smaller pallets. This will generate tangible cost savings, as traditionally manual tasks are now fully automated – providing greater transparency and resource savings,” says SnapFulfil’s CEO for North America, Don White.