Finally, a Conservative Forecast

eMarketer projects worldwide B2B e-commerce will only reach $1.255 trillion by 2003

NEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- With global B2B e-commerce forecasts ranging from $1 trillion to $10 trillion, a new report issued by eMarketer, the world's leading provider of internet statistics, projects B2B e-commerce will rise to $1.255 trillion by 2003. The newly-released eCommerce:B2B Report is the first comprehensive look at the numbers behind B2B e-commerce, aggregating statistics and information from the leading internet research firms.

Following Forrester's headline-making prediction in August 1999 that worldwide B2B e-commerce would reach $1.62 trillion by 2003, several research firms have come forward with disparate projections for the potential size of B2B e-commerce. In turn, eMarketer offers a relatively conservative estimate, projecting worldwide B2B e-commerce will reach $1.255 trillion by 2003.

"By relating the emerging New Economy to the Old Economy, this B2B report helps business decision-makers compare the analysts, so that they may formulate the best e-commerce strategies for their firms,"says eMarketer business analyst Steve Butler. "When looking at the evolution of e-commerce, it is important to first get your bearings in the familiar territory of the Old Economy."

"For example, the IMF estimated worldwide GDP to have been $31.74 trillion in 1999, while the United States' GDP was $8.64 trillion last year. Knowing these numbers helps people understand whether an analyst is using a more conservative or liberal estimate to arrive at their numbers for B2B," added Butler.

The eCommerce: B2B Report provides key statistics and information in over 200 pages, filled with 405 charts and graphs. Comparative estimates for US and Worldwide B2B revenues have been gathered from research firms such as IDC, Goldman Sachs, Keenan Vision, Yankee Group, Boston Consulting Group, Gartner Group, Forrester, Computer Economics, and AMR Research.