Platform Provider, Consulting Firms Announce Alliance

Vitria and KPMG partner to help customers quickly implement solutions

SUNNYVALE, Calif.  December 6, 2000 -- BUSINESS WIRE  e-Business platform provider Vitria Technology and Internet integration services company KPMG Consulting today announced a global alliance to provide new e-business solutions to KPMG Consulting customers worldwide.

The alliance pairs KPMG Consulting's experience in Internet-based business operations with Vitria's e-business platform. Together, the two companies have established a cross-industry practice and powerful reference architecture to help enable customers to quickly implement high-performance e-business solutions across an Internet-enabled network of trading partners and suppliers.

This worldwide alliance could help companies achieve long-term competitive advantages by reducing time-to-market for products and services, lowering the cost of operations, and simplifying business interaction with partners, suppliers and end-customers.  Vitria's BusinessWare e-business platform streamlines and automates product and service supply chains in a seamless modeling and execution environment. KPMG Consulting will harness BusinessWare for horizontal initiatives such as the creation of an enterprise application integration framework to benefit a wide range of customers. BusinessWare also will help enable KPMG Consulting to create end-to-end e-business solutions for specific industry sectors including communications, financial services, high-tech manufacturing and utilities.

Because BusinessWare is based on open industry standards, such as XML, it allows companies to electronically bond with their suppliers, business partners and customers, to conduct automatic, system-to-system exchange of business information and transactions in real-time, and to establish flexible trading partner networks. In addition, electronic bonding could give all KPMG Consulting customers the potential to expand their business through access to the Vitria Business Network of other Vitria-enabled trading communities and their exchanges, hubs and trading partners.

KPMG Consulting is committed to helping our clients leverage new technologies to achieve long-term business benefits, said Jerry Iacouzzi, managing director, KPMG Consulting. Vitria's BusinessWare is a flexible platform that can be quickly adapted to meet our service provider customers' needs, helping them to secure and sustain competitive advantage. The Vitria Business Network brings additional value to our customers by helping to create more agile business relationships that can exploit new market opportunities.

Vitria and KPMG Consulting will collaborate on extensive training for KPMG Consulting professionals and establish a BusinessWare specialization in design and implementation of e-business platforms. BusinessWare will be deployed in KPMG Consulting's five U.S. Solution Centers in Dallas; Denver; Liberty Corner, N.J.; Mountain View, Calif.; and McLean, Va.