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Aptrix content management offering launches this week

San Francisco  August 13, 2001  Content management company Presence Online hopes to improve content management technology when it launches its new Aptrix Multi-Platform solution at this week's IBM Solutions 2001 conference in San Francisco.

The company's offerings presently include content management,  application integration and personalization. Their latest offering supports Domino, Java and WebSphere customers as they seek to deliver content in a high throughput manner.

"As more companies venture into e-commerce and e-business, so too is the Internet moving away from its initial brochureware phase," explains Presence Online Director Tim Birdsall. "Companies are now demanding sophisticated content management solutions that are easy to use, incorporate workflow security control and boast a high degree of personalization. Clients want to drive their internal and external clients to the site, and they want them to keep coming back.

Aptrix Multi-Platform allows users to define rules for personalization when they visit Web sites. Users tailor the content by using categories and document types. Web pages can be personalized according to user profiling or business rules, and the presentation layer can be personalized while the core content remains the same.

According to Forrester Research, ease of use is another primary consideration in selecting a content management system. Aptrix Multi-Platform's Web browser, MS Word or Notes interface allows all content distributors to create and submit content. Building, publishing, navigation, integration and maintenance are also designed to be easier to accomplish.

Forrester also says that organizations are keen to ensure all content is correct and approved before publishing, and to this end Aptrix Multi-Platform offers workflow security control. Managers can monitor all content, page designs and components within the various approval processes, while users can be automatically notified of their individual tasks by e-mail.