Upgrade from Schneider Logistics

Adds transportation management and supply chain visibility functionality to flagship app

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Green Bay, WI  August 29, 2002  Schneider Logistics, a provider of supply chain management technology and services, this week unveiled the seventh release of its SUMIT suite of supply chain execution software, adding features to provide customers with additional functionality and performance to support yard management, cross-dock execution and expanded international business requirements.

Developed in 1995 and delivered under a hosted business service provider model, SUMIT gives Schneider's customers access to a network of 10,000-plus trading partners, including 1,300 carriers across all modes of transportation. The suite includes rating, optimization, transportation management system (TMS), order release and supplier management applications that provide item-level visibility to help customers level the flow of inventory through the supply chain.

SUMIT enhancements for release 7.0 include functionality for commingling of customers' freight at a cross-dock; enhanced electronic connectivity, including the ability to accept an advanced shipping notice (ASN); intermediate facility processing; part-level details; and a broadening of SUMIT's international capabilities to support unique terminologies and less-than-truckload (LTL) carrier requirements in Europe.

In addition, Schneider said that a new yard management software functionality will allow for an electronic system-to-system interface to various yard management applications, supporting the transfer of ship notices and equipment arrival information in both ANSI x 12 and EDIFACT standards.

Adrian Gonzalez, senior analyst for supply chain and logistics at technology consultancy ARC Advisory Group, in a recent study titled "Transportation Management Systems Worldwide Outlook: Market Analysis and Forecast Through 2006," predicted that coupling technology with managed services will continue to gain momentum in the TMS space. "Schneider Logistics may well be the poster child for how TMS will be procured in the future," Gonzalez wrote.