Looming XML Deadline Prompts Kit Release

Software package to help financial industry integrate ISO 7775 and ISO 15022 standards

New York, NY  October 7, 2002  iWay Software, an Information Builders company that offers business integration middleware, has announced the availability of the SWIFT Accelerator Kit, which the company said integrates any data to ISO 15022 standards. This package is library-based, using iWay Software's XML Transformation Engine, suite of adapters and messaging templates.

According to iWay, the SWIFT Accelerator Kit enables financial organizations to cost-effectively comply with industry initiatives, such as the move to SWIFTNet and the emerging SMPG (securities market practice groups) requirements, while creating a flexible integration infrastructure. The kit requires little consultancy work, iWay said.

The financial services community is being pushed toward STP and STEP (Straight Through Exception Processing) incrementally with compliance deadlines for ISO 15022 in November 2002 and the discontinuation of ISO 7775 in May 2003. Organizations that do not meet the ISO 15022-compliance deadline will be penalized.

"We've taken what we've learned from helping large- and medium-sized financial institutions transition to ISO 15022 and packaged it into an easy-to-deploy solution aimed at meeting current SWIFT deadlines," said John Senor, president of iWay Software.

The iWay Software SWIFT Accelerator Kit is available immediately