Cleo Releases Updated EDI Software

LexiCom 2.1 easier to install and use, according to company

Rockford, IL — March 19, 2003 — Cleo Communications, a provider of data communications products and services, today announced the release of LexiCom version 2.1, an electronic data interchange (EDI) communications software that features installation and diagnostic tools, e-mail notifications, and automatic patch and version downloads. Additionally, Cleo said the new version is eBusinessReady certified for AS2 Interoperability.

The software, according to the provider, has multiple options for AS/400 installation and setup: It can be installed on either the AS/400 IFS or a Windows PC that accesses the AS/400 IFS or native file system. The decision of where LexiCom is installed may depend on company policy related to security and firewalls, and because LexiCom is flexible, Cleo said users are able to configure the highest level of security for their situation.

In addition, the software has a "TCP/IP Port Usage Report," which can run directly from the LexiCom interface. The report indicates to the user and/or firewall administrator the ports that need to be opened in order for transactions to run successfully with a particular trading partner. Cleo said this feature reduces the amount of time it takes for users to become operational. User can also generate a "Support Bundle" report from within LexiCom, and the information is automatically sent to Cleo support, which provides diagnostic information.

Many of the new features of version 2.1 are designed to make the product easier to install and use, Cleo said. "Even though a TCP/IP Port Usage Report goes outside of the scope of our product in a traditional sense, we realize that every way we can help a customer to become operational quickly, improves the overall experience with Cleo," commented Jim Boswell, vice president of Sales and Marketing for Cleo Communications.

Other new software features include simplified EDI translator integration, e-mail on fail notification and the ability to invoke applications on error. Users can also request and download software updates or patches directly from the LexiCom interface.