Dow Jones Implementing EAM

Taps enterprise asset management solution to improve asset performance in multiple production facilities

Greenville, SC — May 13, 2003 — Publisher Dow Jones & Co. is implementing an enterprise asset management (EAM) solution from Datastream in a bid to standardize maintenance and optimize the performance of capital assets across multiple production facilities located in the United States

Dow Jones publishes The Wall Street Journal, with paid circulation of more than 1.8 million, and Barron's, a financial weekly in the United States. The company is in the process of configuring and installing the Datastream 7i Web-architected EAM solution to help reduce plant downtime and increase operational efficiency.

"We will use Datastream 7i for a variety of reasons, first and foremost to improve and standardize the maintenance activities in our production sites," said Michael Sheehan, vice president of production for The Wall Street Journal.

Datastream said that the multi-site capabilities in 7i will facilitate the transfer of asset and maintenance information across the Dow Jones facilities because all maintenance employees will be working from the same central database. Datastream 7i allows for the use of key performance indicators (KPIs), presented as HTML graphics via Web services technology, providing executives with at-a-glance information on operational performance.

The multi-site deployment capability also enables cross-facility inventory optimization, Datastream said. For example, if one site is short on parts, user's can check to see if the part is available from another location before submitting a rush order with a vendor.

"Publishers such as Dow Jones & Co. have some of the most demanding uptime requirements of any industry; there is absolutely no room for delay when producing time-sensitive publications such as The Wall Street Journal," noted Larry Blackwell, president and CEO of Datastream.

Blackwell said that 7i can help companies standardize their processes across the enterprise, improve asset performance and minimize the expense of downtime."