Orderful Releases Enterprise API Connecting the World’s Supply Chain

As the first API platform for EDI, Orderful allows buyers and suppliers to connect to the API and trade supply chain data with any company in the world.

Orderful Logo

Orderful, the software as a service platform connecting the world's supply chain through modernizing electronic data interchange, has announced its API platform. As the first API platform for EDI, the company allows buyers and suppliers to connect to the API and trade supply chain data with any company in the world. 

“Today, enterprises are integrating supply chain data by building hundreds to thousands of point-to-point integrations, leading to bespoke, complex, and expensive integration environments,” says Erik Kiser, Founder and CEO of Orderful. “The Orderful API platform connects customers to a growing network of companies across the supply chain, providing real-time data trading. We’re on a mission to improve the supply chain by making it possible for buyers and suppliers of all sizes to immediately trade EDI data.”

Companies that trade EDI data typically have built their own integration environments or outsourced it to a managed service provider. Over time as the supply chain has grown, so have the number of complex point-to-point integrations. With Orderful, companies can build a network of connected enterprises that allow them to immediately trade EDI data rather than get stuck in complex integration environments. 

“At our core, we care about suppliers and want to make it as friendly as possible for them. Our customers come first and we’re here to lead them through the evolving supply chain,” says Kiser. Orderful’s API challenges the status quo by providing a cloud SaaS network, removing the need for experts, and focusing on helping the small suppliers relieve tension with big buyers.

The Orderful API enables enterprises to trade EDI transactions by converting JSON payloads into EDI data formats. Each time a buyer or seller connects to the API, the Orderful network grows. This network effect enables customers to consolidate their large, complex, bespoke integration environments into a few API calls. In addition to building the connected supply chain, Orderful provides the following benefits:

  • Eliminate complexity by removing the need to think about EDI.
  • Improved infrastructure through removing technical debt. Our customers consolidate all of their integrations into a few API transactions. 
  • Increased control by providing one, common endpoint for all EDI data. Developers can programmatically control their application integrations through the API.
  • Improved speed by enabling data through our network, customers can now access EDI data trading like flipping a light switch.
  • Reduced costs by removing the need to manage onboarding or point-to-point EDI integrations.