Oberfield Architectural Precast Draws on Rootstock for Cloud-Based ERP

Rootstock is installing its manufacturing enterprise resource planning and shop floor control

Rootstock Software

San Francisco, Calif.Oct. 10, 2014Rootstock Software, a provider of cloud manufacturing and supply chain applications, announced that it is installing its manufacturing enterprise resource planning (ERP) and shop floor control software at Oberfield Architectural Precast, which performs in-shop drawings, undertakes mold fabrication, and manufactures  architectural precast concrete, cast stone, fiber-reinforced polymer/plastic (FRP) and glass fiber-reinforced concrete (GFRC) products.  As a result, Oberfield Architectural Precast will be able to provide customers with increased capabilities.

"As our business continued to expand and we added more people, our current software simply ran its course," explained Steve Oberfield, owner of Oberfield Architectural Precast. "The support it required to keep up with us was not worth the expense. We simply need a more sophisticated ERP system to meet customer demand."

When Oberfield decided to upgrade the company's manufacturing software system, he searched the Internet and checked the Salesforce site to determine which systems to consider. Comparing his options, Oberfield felt that Rootstock offered the attributes that his firm needed. He was especially impressed with the scheduling features, which seemed very intuitive.

The Rootstock Scheduler develops a schedule for all firmed, release and in-process work orders based on the due date, standard times extended by the work order quantity, priority (as derived from compressed float), move and queue times, and the work center's standard for the hours in a production day.

Capacity Requirements Planning will let Oberfield view a work center's available capacity on a day-by-day basis (in terms of labor hours or machine hours) in a colorful graphical format. The drag-and-drop feature supports moving the schedule for a given work order within a work center from one day to another. If moving up the priority (and display) of a work order within a work center is required, this drag-and-drop feature will let Oberfield alter priorities. The schedule will be adjusted automatically when the work order is moved from one day to another.

"Manufacturers, such as Oberfield Architectural Precast, find that forecasting and scheduling improvements resulting from an effective ERP system will have a positive impact on purchased materials and components," added Pat Garrehy, Rootstock Software CEO. "With the ability to provide firmer commitments with predictable lead times to the company's vendors, Oberfield Architectural Precast's purchasing department will be able to negotiate better terms, which can lead to 5 percent reductions."

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