Pioneer Motor Bearing Counting on Cloud Manufacturing ERP

Pioneer Motor Bearing chose Rootstock’s Cloud ERP to replace its on-premise legacy enterprise resource planning software

San FranciscoApril 4, 2014Rootstock Software, a provider of cloud manufacturing and supply chain applications, announced that Pioneer Motor Bearing Company (of Kings Mountain, N.C. and San Mateo, Calif.) chose its Cloud ERP to replace its on-premise legacy enterprise resource planning (ERP) software, consolidating all of Pioneer’s key metrics onto the platform for business enterprise applications. Founded in 1920, Pioneer Motor Bearing provides original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and end users with custom fluid film bearing engineering, manufacturing and repair expertise, primarily in the electric power generation, and oil and gas markets.

In 2009, Pioneer Motor Bearing adopted cloud-based software to handle its customer relationship management (CRM) front-end work in order to deepen long-standing customer relationships and manage the company’s growing sales. Impressed with the flexibility of the Salesforce Platform that allowed for point-and-click customizations, Pioneer discovered the AppExchange, an ecosystem of business enterprise software applications native to the platform, and applications that made it easy to adopt more complex functionality.

Pioneer was excited at how easy it was to install new applications, an experience Pioneer’s CEO, Gordon Bardet, says he enjoys on his tablet, but didn’t expect to see for enterprise software. “Being able to get a 360-degree view of our customers has always been our focus, and Rootstock, with its FinancialForce partnership, is an important piece of that mission.”

Pioneer spent the next three years fine-tuning Salesforce at the enterprise level, but quickly realized the limited potential and inefficiency of using different systems to track sales and production activities. Accordingly, it sought to move all of its data onto to fully leverage the power of the platform. Systems development manager Jeremy Bardet and his team spent 18 months networking, searching and discovering the different options available on the AppExchange.

Pioneer is enthused to be an early adopter of cloud-based ERP software after Rootstock demonstrated that it provides traditional shop scheduling with a modern user interface, which makes shop-floor control and capacity planning more efficient.

“Pioneer Motor Bearing was especially impressed with our Capacity Planning module,” added Pat Garrehy, president and CEO of Rootstock. “As a manufacture-to-order job-shop, it is imperative that they can quickly schedule their shop and maximize efficiency. They were especially excited about how they could benefit from our drag-and-drop shop floor features.”

Jeremy Bardet explained, “Rootstock continues to rapidly develop new features, which is what we expect from today’s leading cloud applications. Consistently receiving these feature upgrades justifies the subscription-based pricing model. We do not manufacture to a sales forecast or an inventory, so it is imperative we have lean but powerful systems.”

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