Aldata Shopper Relationship Management Module Now Available

Solution enables retailers to attract, engage, manage, communicate and measure online shopper interactions via the cloud

Palo Alto, Calif.Dec. 4, 2012Aldata Solution Inc., a retail and distribution optimization company, unveiled its Aldata Shopper Relationship Management (SRM), a part of the new Aldata Omni-Shopper Suite. Retailers can now attract, engage, manage, communicate and measure online shopper interactions with a single cloud-based solution that delivers targeted promotions and social media communications via two-way messaging services to smart phones, tablets and PCs.

“Retailers can now understand shopper behavior across all their channels and react to opportunities and challenges fast with highly targeted campaigns,” said Allan Davies, Chief Marketing Officer for Aldata. “Aldata’s cloud technology means customers are up and running within weeks and subscription pricing enables rapid return on their investment.”

Retailers are able to create highly relevant, personalized online promotions with rich content from a single source deliverable across all digital devices. Aldata SRM’s automated campaign management schedules offers at the times most likely to influence purchases or store visits, and immediate two-way messaging response can initiate follow-on campaigns and actions to increase shopper satisfaction.

Aldata SRM includes three major modules:

  • Shopper Management to store, segment, maintain, analyze and report on shopper data
  • Content Management to create websites, ecommerce, mobile and social media campaigns
  • Campaign Management to schedule and execute digital marketing campaigns omni-channel


The Aldata Shopper Management module captures all online shopper interactions in a dedicated Shopper Register along with each shopper’s in store and online purchases. It then analyzes shopper behavior, buying patterns and promotions response to profile each shopper. Aldata Content Management creates personalized communications for all digital media categories and devices with content based on individual profiles and relevant promotions. Aldata Campaign Management organizes schedules and executes all online marketing communications across omni-shopper channels.

Finnish home entertainment and electronics chain Hifi Studio 17 selected Aldata SRM to deliver greater value to its 42,000 registered customers and boost profitability across its stores.

“This new investment brings us a lot closer to our customers,” said Marko Nykänen, Managing Director of Hifi Studio 17. “Aldata SRM provides us with instant visibility of our campaigns, enabling us to carry out meaningful, targeted analysis of customer behavior in real-time.”