Andrews Distributing and SOTI Announce SOTI MobiControl

With SOTI MobiControl, Andrews Distributing efficiently manages, supports and monitors its mobile devices in real-time

Andrews Distributing’s workers utilize mobile devices equipped with SOTI MobiControl to keep them on schedule.
Andrews Distributing’s workers utilize mobile devices equipped with SOTI MobiControl to keep them on schedule.

Mississauga, CanadaJune 26, 2012—Enterprise mobile device management provider SOTI Inc. announced the successful implementation of its MDM solution MobiControl for Andrews Distributing, one of the largest beer distributors in the U.S.

Andrews Distributing’s fleet of hundreds of mobile workers deploy Apple iPads and Motorola rugged devices equipped with SOTI MobiControl, minimizing downtime and ensuring rigorous delivery schedules are met.

Mobile device management solution SOTI MobiControl offers centralized real-time remote control, device lockdown and other advanced management capabilities for multi-platform enterprise mobile devices. Andrews Distributing leverages these unique capabilities of MobiControl to enhance the efficiency of its mobile workforce. With MobiControl, mobile workers encountering technical issues on the road are able to receive the assistance they need faster than ever before.

SOTI MobiControl empowers Andrews Distributing’s IT team to provide timely support, accelerate resolution time of software issues, push updates and access critical information on the location of deliveries,” said Carl Rodrigues, President and Chief Executive Officer of SOTI Inc. “This enhances efficiency and reduces time spent on supports calls, maximizing the speed of delivery and improving customer satisfaction.”

Prior to the implementation of SOTI MobiControl, mobile workers experienced downtime and frustrations due to the malfunctioning of their mobile devices, delaying the delivery process. To remain successful in the fast-paced beverage distribution industry, Andrews Distributing uses SOTI MobiControl’s powerful remote control capability to efficiently manage, support and monitor its mobile devices in real-time. Another heavily-relied on feature is SOTI MobiControl’s screen kiosk/lockdown capability. This feature allows the IT team to easily control which applications users are allowed to access on the mobile devices. This improves the productivity of the mobile workforce by giving them access to work-related applications only.

“MobiControl folders are a fantastic feature for Andrews Distributing,” said Scott Jenkins, Information Systems Administrator of Andrews Distributing. “Simply drop a device into an appropriate group folder and the device is instantly wiped, cleaned and freshly installed to ‘Andrews-factory specified’ functionality. To retain our position as one of the top beverage distributors in the United States, we plan to continue leveraging SOTI MobiControl as an instrumental component of our mobility strategy.”