FormoPro Announces Awards Management System

System automates and streamlines the award management process

Edgewater, N.J.—May 15, 2012 –Award management solutions provider FormoPros Awards Management System simplifies and consolidates the entire workflow process online, from the call for entries through the distribution of prizes, minimizing administrative time and lowering costs by up to 50 percent.

“Many organizations run award programs to generate revenue, honor thought leaders and customers and to build their brand—and award programs are extremely detail oriented and labor intensive,” said Dan Goldshlack, Chief Executive Officer of FormoPro. “By eliminating a paper-based award process, you prevent lost applications, save on time and labor and generate an audit trail of documentation. Every organization on the planet is trying to save money and build morale, so why not use operational efficiency to green your awards program and grow your bottom line?”

The FormoPro Awards Management System allows companies, associations, consultants and others to:


  • Quickly and easily invite nominees and judges into your awards process, solicit their inputs, and provide ongoing status updates
  • Customize and brand web forms: info gathering, judging applications, nomination submissions, judging forms, etc.
  • See instant, at-a-glance tracking of all aspects of your awards process
  • Monetize your awards program with built-in eCommerce
  • Centralized repository allows for easy retrieval of forms and complete visibility into status updates
  • Generate unlimited reports, valuable to all levels of personnel within your organization
  • Complete capabilities to benchmark the entire award process to determine efficiency and effectiveness for continuous improvement


The FormoPro Award Management System rewards all parties involved in the award process while creating greater revenues and lowering processing costs.  Live or online integrated judging is simpler and more efficient for judges, allowing them to evaluate submissions and log their choices for automatic tabulation. Efficient communications with entrants via email eliminates postage costs and the possibility of lost submissions. Entrants save money with the ability to upload supporting materials and e-Commerce capabilities allow fees to be collected and tracked securely in a timely manner.