Rosslyn Analytics, Trucost Launch Sustainable Procurement App

Self-service web application provides immediate visibility of supply chain carbon and water risks

London—Oct. 25, 2011—Rosslyn Analytics, a provider of one-click data discovery and business intelligence software, and Trucost have launched what they describe as the world’s first self-service sustainability app that lets users calculate and manage the carbon and water footprint of every supplier in their supply chain across the world in seconds. 

“We believe Trucost’s approach is a breakthrough that finally facilitates a cost-effective, fast and timely assessment of a corporation’s supply chain carbon impact,” said Ralph Reid, VP corporate social responsibility, Sprint Nextel.

The Trucost app offers a quick, easy to use and affordable tool to obtain, analyse and track environmental liabilities in corporate supply chains.  The new app runs on Rosslyn Analytics’ web-based RA.Pid data management and reporting platform to provide all business users with a centralized view of all supplier-centric spend data.

“A major obstacle to universal corporate responsibility and sustainability is the lack of easy-to-use and affordable business intelligence software in the market that provides visibility into all timely supply chain risks and costs,” said Richard Mattison, chief executive officer, Trucost.

Accessible from Rosslyn Analytics’ enterprise app store, customers buying the Trucost app will—within minutes of loading an Excel spread sheet with spend data into the RA.Pid platform for processing—have visibility of the highest water usage and carbon emissions by supplier, spend category and region across their company’s entire supply chain.  The smart app will then automatically assign a risk rating according to regional factors that could impact corporate profits and/or continuity of supply.

Key benefits of the app include:

  • One-click access to critical supply chain sustainability and business intelligence
  • Immediate visibility of the extent of environmental risk across your supply chain:
    • Immediate monitoring of carbon risks such as energy price rises and financial exposure to carbon taxes
    • Immediate monitoring of water risks such as scarcity of water supply and commodity price rises 
  • Pinpoint supplier level risk to enable effective management of sustainability issues
  • Examine the relative risk exposure of your individual suppliers by carbon and water factors
  • Diminish the risk of disruption to your operations

“Chief executives at growing organizations know that the secret to success is getting as much data into the hands of the business,” stated Charles Clark.  “Rosslyn Analytics has partnered with Trucost to develop a unique off-the-shelf application that helps customers get the most out of their spend data from a powerful data reporting platform.”