Ordoro and Shopify Join Forces to Increase Ecommerce Efficiency and Fuel Growth

Ecommerce companies partner to strengthen visibility, control and automation

Austin, Tx—Jan. 12, 2012—Ordoro, a provider of ecommerce back-office solutions, has partnered with Shopify, a growing ecommerce shopping cart platform This new alliance is expected to bring increased efficiencies in the small business etailer segment.


Ecommerce has been growing at more than 10 percent year-over-year and is projected to hit $200 Billion in 2012. Both the big players like Amazon and Wal-Mart, and small businesses are benefiting from this growth. Many of them are targeting niche segments where they can become the leaders by focusing on the entire online shopping experience.


"Ordoro completes the ecommerce cycle for small business etailers," says Jagath Narayan, the co-founder and CEO of Ordoro. "With this new partnership with Shopify, Ordoro is well poised to capture a large market share of the ecommerce back-office solutions space."


Shopify's ecommerce platform allows small businesses to set up and run their own online store, list their products, and accept credit card transactions. With the partnership with Ordoro, Shopify users now automatically get access to Ordoro features like shipping, inventory management and drop-shipping. Together, the combined suite of Shopify plus Ordoro brings big-business-like capabilities to small businesses at an affordable price.


For more information visit www.ordoro.com.