First Autonomous Trucking Delivery Takes Place in Oklahoma

CEVA Logistics and Kodiak Robotics work together on autonomous freight deliveries and accomplish their first driverless delivery in Oklahoma.

Kodiak Ceva Dsc1521

Autonomous delivery is now a widely discussed concept in the logistics space, as it becomes closer and closer to a reality. However, some aren't too sure if this will become a mainstay reality in delivery. CEVA Logistics and Kodiak Robotics are proving naysayers wrong with an autonomous freight delivery program between Dallas Fort-Worth and Austin; and Dallas-Fort Worth and Oklahoma City. A Kodiak autonomous tractor pulls a trailer from CEVA Logistics, with the latter's clients products, with the latest addition to the partnership being a 200-mile run between a CEVA facility in Dallas and the delivery point in Oklahoma City, which became the first autonomous delivery in Oklahoma. 

Per PR Newswire

  • CEVA delivered its first load with Kodiak in November 2021 and is moving goods weekly on the 200 mile freight lane between Dallas-Fort Worth and Austin, Texas. The companies expanded the partnership in February 2022 with a new route between Dallas-Fort Worth and Oklahoma City on the freight-rich Interstate 35 corridor.
  • In addition to these two lanes in connection with CEVA, Kodiak Robotics has been delivering freight daily between Dallas-Fort Worth and Houston since mid-2019. Since mid-2021, Kodiak Robotics has also been delivering freight weekly between Dallas-Fort Worth and San Antonio.

“Kodiak and CEVA are focused on serving Dallas-Fort Worth, Austin, and Oklahoma City, because they cover some of the richest freight corridors in the U.S.," say Don Burnette, founder and CEO, Kodiak. "As Americans grapple with pandemic-related supply-chain issues and the long-term truck driver shortage, CEVA is leading the industry in adopting new technology that will benefit its customers.”