Kenco Aims to Transform MHE Through Data

Kenco releases a new product to better attack material handling equipment maintenance.

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Kenco Logistics leans further into a digital transformation with a new telematics solution, FleetCloud. The goal is to provide more advanced insights into material handling equipment to evaluate processes and monitoring, as the industry moves towards a further data-based future. The ability to predict and monitor equipment health pushes MHE to a more optimized strategy. 

Per Businesswire:

  • This proprietary telematics solution streamlines material handling equipment (MHE) processes and monitoring equipment performance to drive efficiency, safety, and compliance. By providing real-time visibility into a wide range of metrics that impact MHE operations, Kenco FleetCloud empowers managers to make data-driven business decisions that keep costs low and productivity high.
  • Many industry sources indicate that recruiting and retaining a skilled and qualified workforce is one of their biggest challenges. Kenco FleetCloud tackles this challenge head-on, providing managers with real-time insights into their MHE operators’ performance while simplifying the capture of incident reports. As a result, they are empowered to understand their employees’ operator behaviors to create new training opportunities and ensure they are getting the best performance from their employees.
  • The solution’s industry-leading safety features include: advanced equipment access control, required completion of OSHA compliance checklist, impact and incident reporting, notification of scheduled preventative maintenance, real-time access to operator performance data and two-way messaging when MHE unit is not in use.