The Best of LINK Live 2020

2020 brought LINK Live, a new Facebook Live video series where Supply & Demand Chain Executive's editors have a roundtable discussion on all things happening in the industry. Here are some of the editors' favorites.

Link Live

As the Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic forced millions of people to work remotely for months, the Supply & Demand Chain Executive editors started a new informal Facebook live talk show that covers all aspects of the supply chain. Nine months later, the show is still going strong, informing viewers about the latest trends in the industry that week and having special guests along the way. Here is a round up of some of the best episodes of the last year.

SDCE Editors Talk Diversity and Inclusion with Women in Trucking and CarriersEdge

Marina, Brielle and Mackenna discuss Women in Trucking and CarriersEdge's new Diversity & Inclusion Index, as well as diversity and inclusion overall in the trucking and transportation industry.

SDCE Editors Get Spooky

Marina, Brielle and Mackenna dress in costume to discuss supply chains going into the holidays and what this look like amid a pandemic, all while dressed in Halloween costumes.

SDCE Editors Go Back To School

As schools make their final decisions on whether or not they will do in-person or virtual learning this fall, Marina, Brielle and Mackenna sit down with Terry Esper, Associate Professor at The Ohio State University to talk how this could potentially impact the next generation of supply chain professionals.

Supply Chain Editors Talk Supply Chain Challenges Amid Natural Disasters

Marina, Brielle and Mackenna sit down with Kathy Fulton, executive director for ALAN, to discuss natural disasters, challenges for supply chains and what companies should be doing now to prepare for the future

Supply Chain Editors Introduce the Supply Chain Woman of the Year

Marina, Brielle and Mackenna introduce Supply & Demand Chain Executive's first annual Woman of the Year recipient of the Women in Supply Chain award.

Supply Chain Editors Talk Trade Wars

Marina, Brielle and Mackenna interview with John Scannapieco, chair of Baker Donelson’s global business team, to discuss how corporations have been rethinking their supply chains since the start of the trade war, and how the pandemic has shifted the focus of sourcing, procurement and offshoring.

SDCE Editors Talk Warehouse Automation

Marina, Brielle and Mackenna discuss emerging technologies in warehouse automation, and what this means for the future of the supply chains.

SDCE Editors talk last mile delivery

Supply & Demand Chain Executive editors Marina, Brielle and Mackenna talk about the importance of last mile delivery during the Coronavirus pandemic on this week's Facebook Live.

SDCE Editors Talk Sustainability in the Supply Chain #EarthDay

Marina, Brielle and Mackenna talk about sustainability in the supply chain on the 50th anniversary of Earth Day.