A 100 Percent Cloud-Based Supply Chain Execution Convergence Solution

LogFire integrated its Warehouse Management System with Oracle Transportation Management

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AtlantaSept. 11, 2015LogFire, a cloud-based provider of supply chain fulfillment solutions, announced the successful integration of its flagship Warehouse Management System (WMS) with Oracle Transportation Management, creating a 100 percent cloud-based supply chain execution convergence solution. Inspirage, a global consulting firm, successfully leveraged its Rapid Start for Oracle Transportation Management Cloud process to integrate the two solutions.

“One of the most important trends in logistics management is a concept that Gartner calls supply chain execution (SCE) convergence, which refers to the need for supply chain organizations to better orchestrate and synchronize execution processes across functional execution domains,” wrote Dwight Klappich, research vice president, Gartner. “In Gartner's 2013 Supply Chain Management User Wants and Needs Survey, we found that more than 40 percent of respondents said that the inability to orchestrate and synchronize end-to-end business processes was one of the top three barriers to meeting their supply chain management (SCM) goals and objectives.”

The joint solution provides quality warehousing and transportation functionality while leveraging the benefits of a 100 percent cloud-based solution. What this means to the end user is:

  • A digital fulfillment network that manages, tracks and visualizes inventory across fulfillment centers, third-party logistics (3PLs), store shelves and inventory in transit with real-time data. Companies can gain speed and reduce fulfillment costs by connecting networks in real time.
  • The flexibility to rethink and redesign your supply chain. Move from a flat supply chain approach to a multi-dimensional network approach. The cloud provides a real network approach, driven by real-time data, allowing organizations to adapt to ever-changing marketplace conditions.
  • The ability to focus on your business, not on maintaining your software applications. Convert resources allocated to supporting your supply chain technology stack to revenue-generating resources focused on sales growth, cash flow and margin improvement.

“The combined Oracle Transportation Management Cloud and LogFire solution will give our customers a competitive advantage through integrated and optimized fulfillment and distribution operations. The ability to implement and scale quickly through cloud solutions helps them better compete in a marketplace that changes daily,” said Diego Pantoja-Navajas, founder and CEO of LogFire. “The LogFire and Oracle Transportation Management Cloud solution is the first of its kind to provide comprehensive WMS and transportation management system (TMS) capabilities that are now required in the marketplace.”

Pantoja-Navajas continued, “The LogFire and Oracle Transportation Management Cloud integration will be offered to all cloud-certified SCM partners. The integration is immediately available and we believe that the combined solutions will quickly become the industry standard for supply chain convergence excellence.”

LogFire’s Warehouse and In-Store Inventory Management solutions minimize stock-outs, and consistently help clients achieve inventory accuracy, store service level agreements and overall fulfillment rates close to 100 percent. The company recently announced a 60 percent year over year growth and also reported that more than 30 million order lines were received and shipped through the company’s cloud-based digital fulfillment network in the first quarter of 2015.

“Our customers are increasingly looking to deploy cloud-based solutions to gain advantages in flexibility, scalability and cost. Inspirage provides the expertise to help our clients understand and effectively deploy these cloud offerings rapidly and successfully,” said Srini Subramanian, Inspirage co-founder and CEO.

Inspirage offers consulting services across a full spectrum of Oracle Supply Chain Management Cloud applications, with expertise across domains. Its logistics management practice is a leader for Oracle Transportation Management Cloud and Global Trade Management Cloud, providing expertise in deploying comprehensive WMS solutions based on the Oracle Warehouse Management offerings. The new offering enables Inspirage to provide its customers with a fully cloud-based solution for Oracle Transportation Management Cloud and LogFire WMS.

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