Real-Time Visibility and Process Rigor for Complex Supply Chain Networks

The solution is for companies struggling to manage inventory levels, schedule changes, capacity plans and payment cycles

Durham, NCJuly 1, 2015TBM Consulting announced that it is partnering with Activ Technologies, a provider of web-based technology that improves communication and collaboration by connecting all participants of the supply chain by seamlessly synchronizing all changes in real time. TBM and Activ are offering this comprehensive supply chain solution to companies that have a complex supply chain network, and are struggling to manage inventory levels, schedule changes, capacity plans, and payment cycles due to a lack of visibility and poorly structured business processes for managing and communicating with suppliers who provide critical components.

Activ Technologies created a cloud-based platform, called Harmony, for manufacturers and their suppliers that helps to shorten the lead time, effort and manual intervention required to detect and manage changes in original equipment manufacturer (OEM) production schedules. TBM Consulting has the ability to improve supply chain processes and introduce process rigor using its management system discipline to leverage the new capabilities generated by the Harmony platform.

Manufacturers and distributors facing the following types of challenges can benefit from the partnership between Activ and TBM Consulting:

  • Critical parts that are unavailable when required or have a significant impact on operations when not available.
  • Limited visibility to unexpected changes in customer demand impacting planning and delivery schedules.
  • Excess network inventory across all levels of the supply chain.
  • No visibility beyond promise to commit to supply—making planning a reactive process.
  • Ineffective supplier performance management or corrective action processes.
  • Lack of accurate supply chain information to analyze for identifying improvement opportunities.

“In almost every client, we see a see a significant opportunity to build upon automation improvements by helping organizations to lean out their complex supply chain networks,” said Activ CEO Mike Roberts. “By combining our disruptive cloud-based technology with the world-class consulting expertise of TBM, we are bringing a unique ability to solve complex problems in a space that continues to grow more complex.”

Bill Remy, TBM chairman and CEO, anticipates strong customer demand for the combined capability TBM and Activ have to offer. “I believe we can help companies simplify increasingly complex supply chains and drive improvement in performance by creating greater alignment and transparency across the supply chain.”