DHL Lights the Way for Havells Sylvania Shipments from China to Brazil

Brazil business added to existing DHL Global forwarding Havells Sylvania in Colombia

Miami—Oct. 27, 2011—DHL, has finalized a service agreement with Havells Sylvania for ocean freight and warehousing services in Santos, Brazil. As a full-spectrum provider of professional lighting solutions, Havells Sylvania has been a DHL Global Forwarding customer since 2007. This agreement expands upon the already existing Ocean Freight, Air Freight and Overland Transport Management (OTM) services DHL currently provides Havells Sylvania in Colombia.

“With our long-standing history of being a leader in full-spectrum professional lighting solutions, we needed a partner that also is experienced in what they do and understand the value of safely and efficiently handling our products,” said Kapil Gulati, general manager, The Americas for Havells Sylvania. “Brazil is a very important market in Latin America and we chose DHL Global Forwarding because it has a knowledgeable local team that we can rely on to get our products to market.”

The new agreement with Havells Sylvania in Brazil will consist of about 1,000 Twenty-foot equivalent units (TEUs) per year of lamps and fixtures originating from Asia and other worldwide locations to the Port of Santos in Brazil, the largest port in Latin America.

“Thanks to our experience and the work we have been carrying out in Colombia for the past four years, Havells Sylvania has entrusted us with their business in Brazil,” said Kunal Punjabi, Regional Trade Lane Sales manager. “We have become a trusted partner that can deliver the transportation solutions required with fragile shipments.”

DHL Global Forwarding has been shipping lamps, ballasts and fixtures from world-wide locations to Colombia for four years. Transporting approximately 1,000 TEUs per year, Havells Sylvania’s business generates more than one million Euros per year for DHL. DHL Global Forwarding has also been working strategically with Havells Sylvania on a regional level to soon begin handling shipments to Argentina, Peru and the United States.