GT Nexus Adds Enterprise Social Networking Capabilities to Cloud Supply Chain Platform

G2 is the place for the GT Nexus user community to share ideas, documents and best practices

Oakland, CA—Oct. 12, 2011– GT Nexus has launched G2, a business-to-business collaboration center for companies that are on the GT Nexus cloud supply chain platform. Any user logged into GT Nexus now has direct, secure access to G2, where they will find a rich, highly configurable environment that fuses a number of popular social networking capabilities with an active community of major enterprises that are on GT Nexus running their supply chains.

Unlike some of the popular business-centric social media platforms, G2 adds value to specific business processes related to global supply chain execution.

The GT Nexus user community is made up of thousands of organizations who all share a single cloud technology platform to manage global supply chains.  The community is now actively driving group-level efforts around best practice sharing, change management, discussion groups and broad industry wide collaboration.

Through the creation of the GT Nexus Shipper Council, a group of companies that collectively represents over $1 trillion in annual revenue, customers have been communicating with one another for several years. The Shipper Council has been actively using G2 for the past several months to collaborate on key initiatives. For information on the Shipper Council, visit


“The Shipper Council has become a very active group,” said Patrick Halloran, director of trade and logistics at Cardinal Health, and current Shipper Council Chairperson.  “We have several subcommittees already collaborating on G2 in ways similar to the way friends interact on Facebook. There is significant potential for this kind of technology to efficiently manage global supply chains.”


“Supply chain management is all about inter-company collaboration,” said Andy Stinnes, EVP of products and strategy at GT Nexus.  “Since all of our customers share a common business platform, they often share ideas and work together on common issues. G2 is the tool that will help foster collaboration like you see in the consumer world, only focused on very real and very specific supply chain business and technology issues.”


“We have already seen some very interesting discussion groups form that are made of different companies,” added Stinnes. “Since they all use the same supply chain technology platform, they realize that working together on key issues can drive value for the entire community.”


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