PLM Fleet® Introduces PLMServiceCode™

The QR code has sky-rocketed in the last 3 years, but has been absent in maintenance services. That’s why PLM created PLMServiceCode™, the new way to request maintenance service. Just scan, submit, and wait for the service request to be completed.

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We have all seen the rise of the QR code used as a more efficient way of accessing information. But it has been absent in maintenance service, which only leaves calling as an option to request service. This often entails waiting on hold, never reaching an actual person, or having to communicate through a middle man. The PLMServiceCode™ eradicates all of these steps. 

Now, all the driver has to do, is scan, fill out the form, and wait for a notification that the service request has been completed. No waiting on hold. No middle man. Just efficient, quick, and easy service. Fill out the form below to learn more about how it works and access an exclusive step-by-step video.Qr Code Plm Fleet