Search Numerous Auction Sites Simultaneously aggregates B2B exchanges

WESTBURY, N.Y./PRNewswire/ --, an online auction aggregator, announced the launch of, a business-to-business online auction search site. is a free service, which enables users to search for items on multiple B2B online auction sites. Users search for an item by typing its description into a search field. looks for that item on various online auction sites and compiles a list of links, which will take users directly to those sites. With the click of a mouse users can link to those sites and receive detailed information about the auction item, its bidding status, and the quantity of the items available for purchase. Buyers can then place a bid from the site that features the auctioned business items. Rather than browse one site at a time, users can search for desired items on several sites simultaneously.

Search4Auctions features an auction ticker, which allows the user to monitor an auction portfolio while interacting with other software programs. By using the ticker, a person can search for items quickly and efficiently, and can initiate new auction searches without launching a browser. can search daily for items that purchasing managers have uploaded from their purchasing books onto the site. Purchasing managers can digitally upload over 5,000 items per account and receive notification via email when the items come up for auction.