Art Goes High Tech is setting the standard for online art purchasing

Santa Clara, CA /PRNewswire/ --, an online art gallery, is offering an accessible, convenient venue for all consumers to purchase affordable, authentic art that meets any decorating need. Providing access to over 35,000 pieces of art -- the equivalent of 50 art galleries -- offers a comprehensive solution for decorating with limited edition prints, photography, sculpture and animation.

The new site includes easy step-by-step instructions for acquiring and displaying the perfect piece of art for any environment, an interactive matting and framing center and professional decorating tips.

With a target price point under $500, offers a wide range of art styles and types. The Home Gallery emphasizes four art genres: contemporary fine art, popular art, photography and sculpture. "By offering a generous selection of art to people who want to decorate in a way that is unique to their personal tastes, has an opportunity to dominate the most attractive and underrepresented segment of the burgeoning consumer art market," stated Rengan Rajaratnam, Artinside's acting CEO, co-founder and Vice President of Business Development.

The Internet is the ideal vehicle for helping consumers find the art they love and can afford. Today consumers can preview thousands of images instantly on the Internet, however, the challenge is recreating an in-person experience so they feel confident that the art that they are selecting will work in their home or office, and will be what they expected when it arrives.

To address that challenge, has created and implemented four new online art technologies that will deliver a hassle-free experience for all visitors. The Personalized Search feature allows consumers to locate art that suits their individual needs and tastes. smARTcolor ensures the colors a customer sees on the computer screen are the colors the artist painted. smARTsize allows buyers to view art at its actual size by panning around the image with a computer mouse. smARTspace allows users to submit an image of a room and "virtually" view their chosen piece of artwork in that room with the elements perfectly to scale. All of these features add up to make a top choice when shopping in the cyber art world.