Taking Traditional Companies Online

MOTB Manages Retail Shipping and Packaging for International Companies

Marketing Out-of-the-Box (MOTB), an e-commerce fulfillment provider for Internet retailers, recently added three major clients to its roster  Oilily, Océ-USA and West Bend  enabling these brick-and-mortar companies to open a new revenue stream: mainstream access to the United States market through direct retail sales over the Internet.

MOTB handles the entire back-end fulfillment operation for these companies  it takes the initial orders, packs the product and ships it to the customer using advanced inventory management systems. In addition, MOTB offers such value-added services as custom packaging and design, call center management and product return handling.

This marks a growing trend in the world economy, said David Newberger, president and co-CEO of MOTB. Contrary to popular belief, the biggest stumbling block for large brick and mortar companies that want to move into e-commerce is not figuring out how to build their Web sites; plenty of organizations can do that. The hard part is setting up reliable, quality-controlled distribution to individual consumers and companies. For corporations based outside of the United States, reliable and affordable fulfillment of Internet orders is even more difficult. Thats where we play an important role for Oilily and Océ-USA.

The new clients span a range of industries: Océ-USA is an international company focusing on a full range of products and services for the presentation, reproduction and distribution of information; Oilily is a Dutch clothing retailer and West Bend is a Wisconsin-based company specializing in the manufacture of small appliances, water-purification systems and cookware.

For Oilily, which has produced upscale womens and childrens clothing since 1963, the issue of getting their clothes to their American stores was critical. They knew the Internet was the next logical step. The challenge was fulfilling orders to dozens of individual American retail stores located thousands of miles away without incurring prohibitive shipping charges. MOTB enables Oilily to ship products directly to them at low cost, so the items can then be easily shipped across the United States from MOTBs Chicago location.

MOTB has a nine-year history of successful product fulfillment, and today handles the back-end processes for many new economy companies such as LuxuryFinder.com, Send.com, TheMan.com and Art.com.

What attracted us most to MOTB was their comprehensiveness, said Kaye Knack, Director of eCommerce for West Bend. MOTB is a company that provides an inventory control system that constantly manages over 150,000 totally different SKUs.