Peregrine Swoops In

Peregrine Software Bridges New Legacy Standards

Peregrine Systems today announced the release of Power.Enterprise!(TM), a Java-based, next-generation e-business integration tool that enables seamless, real-time e-commerce connections between multiple e-markets. Power.Enterprise! responds directly to the market demand for managing the rapid proliferation of new trading standards on the Internet. Trade on new and emerging marketplaces is based largely on XML (Extensible Markup Language) technologies, while much of the e-commerce world is still trading using legacy standards and protocols. For e-business to be effective, marketplace participants must be able to easily connect the new with the old. Power.Enterprise! provides an open architecture for real-time translation of both new and old data formats used by e-markets, such as XML, xCBL, ebXML, cXML, RosettaNet, Biztalk, X12, and EDIFACT for integration to back-end applications, allowing any-to-any e-business transactions in real time.

The Global Food Exchange has been using Power.Enterprise! in market trial since early this year. We are pleased with how quickly and seamlessly Power.Enterprise! is being deployed within our e-commerce solution, said Mark Moore, president and co-founder of Global Food Exchange, the leading supply chain integration provider for the food industry.