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Webango Joins UDDI Coalition

Webango, provider of strategic e-sourcing solutions for the Global 2000 and their suppliers, today announced that it has joined the UDDI coalition of IBM, Microsoft and Ariba as an advisory member. Webango is the first strategic e-sourcing solution provider to join the coalition and contribute its expertise to define an XML standard for the communication of sourcing and contracting data.

The Universal Description Discovery and Integration (UDDI) coalition aims to eliminate all barriers to the growth of B2B e-commerce through the development of open, universal communication standards. The member companies will set the standards of description for services offered and preferred means of engagement. Through its unique capabilities and expertise in the sourcing arena, Webango will address an essential part of B2B commerce  the selection and management of business partners.

The Webango Network is a browser-based enterprise solution that enables the selection of the best suppliers for complex commodities and services, the negotiation and management of contracts and the development of long-term supply partnerships. It comes with high-level reporting capabilities, providing organizational control and visibility into the entire supplier selection and management process.

We are excited to join the UDDI coalition,  said Eytan Ben-Meir, founder and CTO of Webango. We see UDDI as one of the most promising initiatives to bring interoperability to the Internet, and are proud to have the opportunity to influence the standard for communication of sourcing data. According to Nelly Zaharinov, senior research analyst at IDC, The streamlining and automation of the strategic sourcing process is emerging as a must-have for companies embracing B2B e-commerce practices. Procurement of direct and indirect goods over the Internet will reach full business potential only if accompanied by strategic analysis and management of the supply base. These are becoming very dynamic, complex and constantly evolving, and companies need solutions to assess multiple suppliers and make accurate business decisions.

About UDDI
The Universal Description, Discovery and Integration (UDDI) Project is a cross-industry initiative designed to accelerate and broaden B2B integration and commerce on the Internet. UDDI defines a platform-neutral set of specifications to enable businesses to describe themselves and indicate their preferred means of conducting e-commerce transactions. It also includes the shared operation of a globally distributed UDDI Business Registry. Through the UDDI Business Registry, companies publish information describing how they conduct commerce and search for other businesses that provide the capabilities, Web services or products they need. The goal of the UDDI Project is to offer the basic infrastructure for dynamic, automated integration of all e-commerce transactions and Web services. UDDI aims to make B2B commerce adoption universal .