UDDI Adds Ironside to Team

Ironside Supports UDDI E-Commerce Standard Initiative

PLEASANTON, Calif., Oct. 31 /PRNewswire/ -- Ironside Technologies, a sell-side B2B e-commerce solutions supplier for the manufacturing and distribution markets, will serve as a technical advisor to the UDDI e-commerce standards initiative. Ironside will work with UDDI founders Ariba, IBM, and Microsoft, and other advisors on developing the standard, helping to ensure the specification matches the complex requirements of business suppliers.

Introduced in September, the UDDI specification is designed to create a global, platform-independent open framework, enabling suppliers and buyers to identify each other; define how they interact over the Internet; and share information in a global registry, opening channels of communication and influencing the rate of worldwide e-commerce adoption. UDDI will enable both established e-businesses, and others without an e-commerce strategy in place to participate in online markets, and introduce new revenue opportunities as well as operational efficiencies.

"Today's B2B e-commerce models demand robust Internet standards such as UDDI," said Ironside Vice President of Product Development, Kang Lu. "B2B open standards like UDDI provide unprecedented opportunities for close cooperation between industry participants, which we believe is critical to the future of e-commerce. We see a discovery service like UDDI as an essential driver to the continued global expansion of e-commerce. As an advocate for the supplier community, Ironside will actively contribute to the advancement of UDDI and other open-standard initiatives."

Ironside will encourage its existing supplier community to participate in the UDDI registry, and will act as a technical advisor for extending the UDDI specification and helping suppliers to effectively utilize the standard. Additionally, Ironside expects to use the information housed within the UDDI registry to optimize the process of matching suppliers with buyers through the Ironside Network, the industry's first independent e-business access service.