A Kodak Earth Moment?

Kodak e-commerce site for high resolution earth imagery

ROCHESTER, NY--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Oct. 31-- Kodak's Commercial & Government Systems division (C&GS) launched an online sales site for high resolution color and black-and-white earth imagery.

Currently, aerial imagery is available online from over 30 North American major metropolitan statistical areas (MSAs). Kodak plans to increase this number to 95 by mid 2001 with the addition of imagery offerings from a number of suppliers from across the continent and around the world.

According to some industry analysts, the earth imaging information market will exceed $1 billion by 2003. Kodak Earth Imaging Products (EIP) is set to thrive in this market by offering many different levels of precision image data from one-meter black-and-white to six-inch resolution color. Kodak will output aerial imagery on CD with viewer or high quality paper prints.

The aerial images available online of the North American MSAs are the result of an agreement that Kodak announced last year with Hauts-Monts International Inc., a remote sensing imagery provider headquartered in Quebec, Canada. With this agreement, Kodak has the exclusive rights for Internet sale of Hauts-Monts images marketed under the CitiPix brand name by Altaphoto, Inc., the Hauts-Monts U.S. division located in Columbia, Md. Earlier this month, C&GS announced an agreement with Compagnia Generale Ripreseaeree S.p.A (CGR) of Genoa, Italy to market high resolution aerial images of Italy through Kodak's new Web site.

"This newest offering via kodak.com will not only revolutionize how high resolution earth imagery is bought and sold but expand its use. We also take the complexity and frustration out of the search for the best imagery so that image information solutions can be delivered quickly to enable more effective customer decision making," said David Ledgerwood, vice president of C&GS.