Pivotal Demands

Pivotal partners with GoAmerica to launch wireless demand chain solution

LOS ANGELES -- BUSINESS WIRE -- Nov. 1, 2000 -- Pivotal Corporation has joined forces with GoAmerica to expand Pivotal Anywhere, the industry's first wireless solution for demand chain networks.

The alliance will provide Pivotal Anywhere wireless access through all major devices and networks. Pivotal Anywhere is an XML-based mobile solution that allows companies to conduct business at the "speed of opportunity." The solution plays a key role in successful demand chain management because it allows interaction between corporate employees, business partners, and customers.

Through its alliance with GoAmerica, a leading provider of wireless data and Internet services, Pivotal will offer companies wireless access to corporate and customer data. GoAmerica's Go.Web platform compresses, encrypts and reformats data, optimizing it for viewing on a variety of wireless devices, such as PDAs, handheld devices and notebook computers. Go.Web enables wireless access to corporate information such as email, contact information, customer profiles, calendars and tasks.

Pivotal Anywhere is available through major devices including RIM Blackberry 950 and 957; Palm III & V with Minstrel Modem, Mitsubishi T250 WAP Phone; and Motorola Startac Smart WAP phone.

"By combining Pivotal's wireless demand chain network solution with the Go.Web platform, we will empower demand-side employees to respond to customers and capitalize quickly on revenue opportunities," said Norm Francis, president and CEO, Pivotal. "Pivotal Anywhere enables marketing, sales, support and service employees to make mission critical decisions with speed and intelligence.

Industry-leading companies are embarking on strategies to put wireless devices in the hands of all employees that have a stake in revenue generation and customer success with the goal of creating a seamless business network." According to Joe Korb, executive vice president and director of GoAmerica, "Wireless access to customer information is essential in today's competitive marketplace. By integrating with Go.Web, Pivotal is providing a powerful demand chain network solution for the mobile enterprise that allows timely response to demand-driven opportunities across the organization."

Pivotal's alliance with GoAmerica follows closely on the heels of last week's announcement of the Microsoft-GoAmerica alliance. Pivotal says they will leverage the combined benefits of Microsoft's Mobile Information Server and GoAmerica's Go.Web service. Mobile Information Server is the platform for extending .NET enterprise applications, enterprise data and Intranet content into the realm of the mobile user. It brings the power of the corporate Intranet to the latest generation of wireless phones so users can securely access corporate data through mobile devices.