Online Mediation

Settle e-commerce disputes without the courts

Cambridge, MA -- November 8, 2000 -- PRNewswire -- Online Resolution, Inc. launched an updated version of its Web site and is now accepting cases from businesses and individuals seeking to resolve Internet-related disputes without going to court.

The company provides dispute resolution over the Internet, including mediation, arbitration, negotiation and expert evaluation. Experts in alternative dispute resolution who wanted to expedite the process without depending on the historically slow court system founded Online Resolution, Inc. Government agencies such as OECD, WIPO, and the FTC have recognized that alternative dispute resolution is the most effective means of redress on the Internet. Online Resolution first launched in early 1999 and handled between 150 and 200 mediations. According to Bill Toll, with Online Resolution, the tools of the new site are more refined and better equipped to handle more cases.

This is a crucial time for e-commerce, said Colin Rule, CEO of Online Resolution. Consumers and businesses are increasingly reluctant to engage in transactions online because there is no way to work out any problems that arise. Online dispute resolution is essential to build trust in online marketplaces. Rule also says he believes that their services have the potential to save millions of dollars in court costs.

Fortune 500 companies and the news media have also recognized the value of online dispute resolution services. A recent report from Jupiter concluded, For Net markets to develop trust between buyers and sellers, they must work quickly to formulate clear mediation policies.