Get the Low-down on P-Cards

CCSi educates about P-Cards and e-commerce

RICHLAND, WA - November 13, 2000 - The future is full of opportunities, through wise use of purchasing cards (p-cards) and e-commerce. Companies can benefit by coordinating the two.

That was the message delivered this week to members of the Indiana/Southern Illinois chapter of International Accounts Payable Professionals (IAPP).

"P-cards are an effective, but under-utilized tool," said Lori Nowlen, C.P.M., vice president of sales and marketing for Credit Card Solutions, Inc. (CCSi). "My goal in these presentations is not to make a sales pitch, but to show company executives and accounting professionals how wise coordination of p-cards and e-commerce can result in substantial time and money savings."

Nowlen's 90-minute presentation, "P-Cards and e-Commerce: So much change. So little time!" covered several topics, including recent survey results, getting maximum value from p-cards, and the relationship between p-cards and e-commerce. Nowlen also answered questions and dispelled myths, such as the myth that p-card programs don't offer as much control as other purchasing processes.

"This presentation provided valuable information and was well received by our members," said Scott Schnick, president of the IAPP chapter. "It helped IAPP meet our goal of providing up-to-date information about effectively applying technologies in the ever changing area of payables."

"Many companies are just scratching the surface of what p-cards can do," said Roy Wiprud, C.P.M., president and CEO of CCSi. "The ability to merge the ease and speed of p-cards with the growth of e-commerce is an exciting frontier. As the leading independent p-card software company, CCSi feels it is very important to share our expertise and vision of the future with everyone who could benefit from a more efficient, and less confusing, purchasing system."