Webridge the Gap

Webridge releases suite of collaborative commerce tools

Enterprise e-business solutions provider Webridge Inc. recently released Webridge Private Exchange 3.0, an integrated suite of software applications and tools designed to address the complex collaborative commerce requirements of Global 2000 companies.

Webridge Private Exchange offers applications that enable companies to transition their real world business processes to the Digital Economy. Webridge Private Exchange 3.0 gives companies a customizable and scaleable means to securely integrate the three components of any successful e-business: content, commerce and collaboration. The integrated component-based architecture allows implementations in less than 90 days.

The recognized need for private, collaborative e-business environments is increasing. Gartner Group Inc. research reports that the number of private exchanges already in place or under construction dwarfs the number of public marketplaces, and that there may be as many as 30,000 private exchanges in various stages of development.

While automatically maintaining complete security and data integrity, Webridge Private Exchange 3.0 allows organizations to delegate the management of e-business operations to non-technical business managers, including established business partners and customers. Using a standard Web browser business managers can create and maintain content and business rules, as well as create and manage entirely new secure mini-exchanges without requiring specialized tools or IT involvement.

The Webridge Private Exchange base site provides an end-user-configurable Web canvas that automatically manages security, site search, personalization, and navigational access for each mini-exchange. The suite also includes a number of add-on exchange applications that can be positioned on the canvas, with drag-and-drop simplicity. These applications enable secure document exchange, productive collaboration, lead management, custom product catalogs, shared online calendars, online training, and discussion forums. In each mini-exchange the components are fully integrated with the security model so users access only the content, products, transactions and services that they are authorized to see.