Chomp, Chomp

infoShark swallows WebXi

infoShark, a B2B data integration enabler, recently announced that it has acquired XML standards-based data exchange provider WebXi. According to infoShark WebXi co-founders Bill Sullivan and Jim McCarthy will join the company's existing management and technical staff and WebXi's technology will be included in the XMLShark 3.0 product, which will provide an engine for translation and transportation of data over the Internet.

The acquisition of WebXi by infoShark presents a potent combination of XML capabilities and expertise, said Nathaniel Palmer, chief analyst of Delphi Group in Boston. WebXi had distinguished themselves early on as leaders in the area of XML messaging. Combined with infoShark's demonstrated success in B2B integration, the new offering will likely emerge as one of the most competitive solutions on the market. infoShark is definitely on our radar as one to watch' among leading XML players.

infoShark is the first company to offer an XML data-integration solution to large enterprises, which can now easily and quickly translate and transmit data from any source such as Oracle, DB2 or SQLServer to any data receiver. Companies can use infoShark's  XMLShark to transparently access, exchange and transmit critical information such as customer data, order management or inventory replenishment over the Internet without experiencing problems with different communication protocols and data formats that normally impede and delay B2B integration projects.