TME Is on My Side

Transformation, management and exchange called essential for suppliers' success

San Jose, CA -- December 5, 2000 -- BUSINESS WIRE -- SAQQARA Systems, a provider of product content software and services for B2B e-commerce, recently defined what it calls the three essential elements to enable suppliers to build their business on the Internet. These elements are the Transformation, Management and Exchange (TME) of product content  technical, marketing and business information about products that is organized and structured to drive Internet-based transactions. TME defines the processes necessary to ensure the creation of branded and differentiated product content that allows B2B suppliers to effectively market and sell on the Internet. The B2B e-commerce opportunity is estimated to soar to $7.3 trillion in annual revenues by 2004, according to the Gartner Group Inc.

SAQQARA also announced an expanded solution to enable B2B suppliers to implement a comprehensive TME strategy that increases revenue and improves returns on marketing SAQQARA recognized the pain points for suppliers to participate in B2B e-commerce. The company's solutions that support the TME strategy are a comprehensive approach to supply-side enablement, said Robert Dorin, research director, Aberdeen Group. SAQQARA is squarely focused on the challenges facing suppliers and the solutions required if the promise of e-commerce is to be fulfilled.

TME defines the blueprint for successful supplier participation in B2B e-commerce, providing branded, differentiated product information to fuel the buying process. The first TME element, Transformation, defines the necessary processes to identify, acquire, aggregate and integrate existing technical, marketing and business data into e-commerce ready product content. The second TME element, Management, maintains and leverages complete, accurate and up-to-date product content to support the core mission of e-commerce: making it easy for buyers to find what they're looking for and guiding them through the product selection process.

Exchange, the third TME element, delivers product content in any format (cXML, xCBL, CIF, RosettaNet) and taxonomy that may be required by a customer or trading partner to broaden the exposure and reach of B2B suppliers, Net market makers and distributors.

The critical problem facing suppliers is that increasingly professional buyers are turning to the Internet to get the product information they need. In most cases the information is out of date, incomplete or simply not available, said Bob Payne, president and CEO of SAQQARA. With more than five years experience working with our customers we have seen the power of the TME strategy to build business on the Internet by enhancing the product selection process.

SAQQARA delivers a comprehensive solution that enables suppliers, Net market makers and distributors to maximize their e-commerce results by implementing a TME strategy. SAQQARA Commerce Suite is an integrated family of e-commerce applications that leverages SAQQARA ProductServer to provide marketing analysis, guided selling, catalog interoperability and a flexible Web storefront. SAQQARA ContentWorks is a new software application that simplifies and automates the complicated and labor-intensive task of creating e-commerce ready product content.