Streamlining Miller Time

Miller Brewing taps Softshare as EDI Provider for independent distributors

Santa Barbara, CA -- December 5, 2000 -- BUSINESS WIRE --Softshare and Miller Brewing are working together to bring EDI capabilities to a significant percentage of Miller's 500 independent distributors.

Because many grocery and convenience store chains such as Kroger, 7-Eleven, and Rite-Aid encourage -- and sometimes require -- their suppliers to be EDI capable, Miller's distributors will see immediate benefits from the implementation of Softshare's EDI solutions.

The majority of distributors will be running Softshare Vista, a desktop application that creates, sends, and receives EDI, XML, and e-mail documents. Softshare Delta will run in conjunction with Vista as a data translator that picks up EDI data for integration with internal business applications or, moving in the opposite direction, hands off translated EDI data to Softshare Vista.

By combining the two applications, Miller's distributors will be able to send and receive EDI documents such as purchase orders, invoices, and promotion announcements as well as integrate these documents into their route accounting systems.

For those distributors whose EDI volume does not warrant integration, Softshare is offering two alternate solutions. Distributors can either run Softshare Vista without the accompanying data translator or, if they are only exchanging a few EDI documents per month, access the company's Web-based EDI application, Softshare Athena.

"The more successful our distributors are, the more successful Miller Brewing Co. is," said Christine Settle, Miller's distributor technology specialist. "That's why it was important for us to find a top-notch EDI provider. Softshare's software is easy and powerful and they have been wonderfully responsive. We feel we've entered into a true business partnership."

"Anything that brings more Miller Genuine Draft to my grocery store is a good thing," joked Allen Levy, Softshare's senior sales executive. "But seriously, by offering several scalable EDI solutions, we are allowing each of Miller's distributors to implement the solution that is right for their sales channel."