iPlanet Makes Full Revolution

New applications introduced to e-commerce platform

New York  PRNewswire  December 11, 2000  iPlanet's new and improved e-commerce platform now looks like it has everything under the sun. Buying, selling, billing, market making and trade facilitation software applications were added, all designed exclusively for the Internet. So far, BP, ECsoft, Firmbuy and John Hancock have adopted iPlanet's new e-commerce solutions.

Among iPlanet's touted new application solutions are BuyerXpert 4.0, BillerXpert, and Trustbase Transaction Manager 2.2. Fancy names. But can they actually solve your e-commerce problems? Here's a run down to help you decide:

-- iPlanet BuyerXpert 4.0 is an automated procurement application that streamlines internal processes and centralizes control of product and service acquisitions. It is able to call upon personalization and directory services to create in-depth vendor profiles, which allows for speedier procurement transactions. It also has a robust workflow service, enabling users to establish individually tailored transaction and approval processes. B2B integration services connect with ERP and legacy systems, proprietary systems, databases, EDI and even marketplaces. This also means commerce communities can be connected through multiple communication vehicles such as e-mail, AOL Instant Messenger, Calendar, Unified Messaging and Wireless devices.

-- iPlanet BillerXpert is a B2B edition application. It offers hierarchical billing, dispute resolution, multi-currency support, full workflow management for approvals and dispute resolutions, and support for discreet cyclical billing. Linda Hemstrom, national manger of BPAY, an iPlanet customer, said, We selected iPlanet BillerXpert not only for its superior technology but also for the convenience to consumers and its fit with the Internet strategies of the major billers. Most billers want to maintain control over billing details on their own site or via billing service providers. For this reason, we chose the most flexible and reliable solution on the market, iPlanet.

-- iPlanet Trustbase Transaction Manager 2.2 enables financial institutions to provide trade facilitation services such as payments, credits and identification verification, to their corporate customers. It provides digital certificates to help manage identity risk, links identity services and back end systems, and allows organizations to interface new services to their existing business systems using XML. Trustbase Transaction Mangager 2.2 also includes an implementation of the Identrus Transaction Coordinator specification.

The iPlanet Commerce Platform offers integration, secure identity, extensibility and customizability to accommodate the demands of commerce on a global scale. While buying and selling products have been widely available as point solutions, a B2B commerce platform must provide a seamless commerce experience  from buying and selling, to billing and trading, said Stuart Wells, senior vice president at iPlanet. Today we have taken a giant step forward in delivering and extending this vision. With the breadth and depth of our platform, enterprises and service providers are realizing the power of delivering a full-up commerce experience through the creation of powerful commerce portals  a commerce environment uniquely customized for their customers, suppliers, partners or employees.