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New Aberdeen service defines and measures Net market liquidity

BOSTON (BUSINESS WIRE)  Dec. 13, 2000  Technology market consulting and research company Aberdeen Group yesterday announced the launch of its new practice, NetMarkets@Aberdeen, which researches and analyzes trends among private and public Net markets. Aberdeen's Net markets practice research focuses on liquidity.

Liquidity is the key indicator of Net market viability, says William Brandel, research director of Aberdeen's Net market practice. Liquidity is the realization of a Net market's promise to produce tangible results.

Aberdeen provides a framework for defining and measuring Net market liquidity through its Liquidity Benchmarking Service, which uses an established set of liquidity metrics to determine the viability of a Net market. Investors, market makers, buyers and sellers use liquidity metrics to judge a market's ability to efficiently broker ongoing transactions.

Aberdeen recently published the Net Markets Pursue Their Holy Grail: Liquidity, which can be obtained at

Net market makers, their investors and technology enablers have lacked consistent measures of feasibility and ongoing success, says Andy Katz, vice president, e-business. 

 For more information about Aberdeen's Net markets practice, contact William Brandel at (617) 854-5340 or at [email protected].