B2B Goes Wireless

ClickServices introduces Mobile Application Server

NEWARK, CA  BUSINESS WIRE  December 13, 2000  ClickServices, an infrastructure technology company for wireless Internet, intranet and extranet solutions, introduced its new Mobile Application Server today. The new application is an advanced deployment and management framework for high-availability wireless Web and e-business applications, and will allow wireless developers to rapidly build applications or extend existing applications on a massive scale without any wireless expertise. Other benefits include on-demand scalability for mission-critical applications, increased reliability, and reduction of development and operational costs.

The Mobile Application Server will accelerate adoption of ClickServices' platform as the global wireless infrastructure standard, providing time-to-market advantages to millions of enterprises, service providers, Web based portals and wireless carriers, said Sundaram Natarajan, president and chief executive officer of ClickServices.

The ClickServices' technology includes the Java programming language and extensible Markup Language (XML) architecture, which, for a user, means open, standards-based, back-end integration, enabling new and existing applications to support all wireless networks, devices, protocols and markup languages. Applications on the ClickServices' platform use middleware logic to leverage plug-in messaging capabilities such as mobile-originated and device-to-device communication across carrier networks worldwide.

PurchasePro signed on with ClickServices' technology in September. The B2B e-commerce enabler uses ClickServices' wireless infrastructure to allow its members to conduct e-commerce functions using Web-enabled phones, PDAs and pocket PCs. Now with ClickServices' Mobile Application Server, PurchasePro can enable businesses to link employees and customers, as well as suppliers and partners, in wired and wireless dynamic e-business environments.

We chose ClickServices' global wireless platform because it has been deployed by customers in the business-to-business, business-to-enterprise and business-to-consumer markets, said Jim Jenson, director of wireless development for PurchasePro. We think ClickServices' technology provides a flexible, extensible and scalable architecture for our wireless initiative.

The ClickServices Mobile Application Server makes available multilingual, advanced wireless communication, messaging, content management, application integration and transactional capabilities to businesses such as those using the iPlanet Application Server. Users of the iPlanet Application Server 6.0 will be able to purchase a Mobile Application Server Upgrade from ClickServices to install on top of their existing iPlanet Application Server. Joe Keller, vice president and general manager of application services for iPlanet E-Commerce Solutions, said, The combination of the iPlanet Application Server and platforms such as ClickServices', helps to enable rapid integration with existing applications and provides wireless application developers in multiple markets with an open and scalable suite of wireless Web and e-business solutions.