Don't Mess with Texas

San Antonio B2G saves taxpayer money

SAN ANTONIO, TX  BUSINESS WIRE  December 18, 2000  Looks like San Antonio is jumping on the e-procurement train and proving that Texans can be tech-savvy. The City of San Antonio recently used eOrbisB2G, an operation of San Antonio-based Orbis Online, to facilitate three online real-time reverse auctions. The pilot venture resulted in a total savings of approximately $21,000, or 40%.

Terry Brechtel, Executive Director of Administrative and Financial Services for the City of San Antonio, approved the program in an effort to save taxpayers money. The move made the City of San Antonio the first governmental agency in Texas to use online reverse auctions for procurement. The pilot was launched earlier this month on the eOrbisB2G business-to-government Web site when the City posted three Request for Quotes (RFQ's) for 10 Tempest Ventmaster Fire/Rescue Saws, 40 Motorola Portable Radios and 20 Compaq Pocket PC's.

We are extremely pleased with the results of the real-time auctions, commented City Councilman and advocate for application of cutting-edge technology to government operations, Tim Bannwolf. We are absolutely thrilled with the money the City saved through these reverse auctions. The potential savings for the City of San Antonio and the entire public sector, by utilizing this form of e-commerce, are simply unlimited.

The City will continue to evaluate the use of online auctions to identify the products and services with the greatest savings potential utilizing this technology and service.