Covert Collaboration

MatrixOne strives for collaboration security

CHELMSFORD, MA  BUSINESSWIRE  December 19, 2000  Collaboration can involve the communication businesses' biggest secrets, and in the world of e-business collaboration, security is the key.

MatrixOne, and every other collaborative commerce solution provider, is striving to offer customers the most secure transactions possible. Today, the company announced their latest Intelligent Collaborative Commerce solution, a net-market application that touts its ability to offer private and public net market customer communities secure buy-sell transactions. The solution allows both the private and public net markets to secure all data with multiple levels of access control and Internet security. All information is protected at multiple levels to create an in depth defense for proprietary information and business processes.

Suppliers and trading partners are looking for private and public net markets to become trusted intermediaries and providers of very high value collaboration services, says Mark O'Connell, president and CEO of MatrixOne. Our net market applications and eMatrix platform will deliver collaborative capabilities enabling the security trading partners need to share highly sensitive  product information in a public forum.

The MatrixOne collaboration security applications include the following services: strategic sourcing, virtual project workspaces, project management, real-time product design, RFQ and RFP management, software development, data package creation and transfer, product change management, virtual catalog creation and maintenance, wireless application access and XML data exchange and access services.